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​XPS Output

AH Formatter XPS Option works with AH Formatter and outputs XPS (XML Paper Specification) files.

XPS (XML Paper Specification) is an electronic document format developed by Microsoft which can be easily created with Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007.

XPS viewer is required in order to peruse XPS. The XPS Viewer is installed by default in Windows Vista. Microsoft has distributed the viewer for Windows XP free of charge.

Example of the XPS Viewer application displaying an XPS file created by the XPS Output Option.

  • ​font output
  • ​image output
  • ​system requirements
  • purchase


Type of licensePrice
AH Formatter XPS Output Option for Standalone$200
AH Formatter XPS Output Option for Server$2,000


  • A license of XSL Formatter V4.3 MR2 or later is required to use XPS Output Option.
  • After getting AH Formatter, a user can purchase XPS Output Option as an option.
  • AH Formatter XPS Output Option is designed to work with a product version of AH Formatter. XPS Output Option cannot be used alone.
  • AH Formatter XPS Output Option can only be installed and used on a computer of the registered licensee.

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