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Postscript Output

Antenna House Formatter can now output PostScript. The level of PostScript output is 3.

Customers must purchase “PostScript® Output Option” to output PostScript.

  • ​Font output
  • ​Image output
  • ​system requirements
  • ​purchase


Type of licensePrice
AH Formatter PostScript® Output Option for Standalone$200
AH Formatter PostScript® Output Option for Server$2,000


  • A license of XSL Formatter V4.2 or later is required to use PostScript® Output Option.
  • After getting AH Formatter, a user can purchase PostScript® Output Option as an option.
  • AH Formatter PostScript® Output Option is designed to work with a product version of AH Formatter. PostScript® Output Option cannot be used alone.
  • AH Formatter ​Postscript Output Option can only be installed and used on a computer of the registered licensee.

You can receive maintenance support for PostScript® Output Option as long as the AH Formatter maintenance period is active or during the 90 day warranty period from the purchase of AH Formatter.

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