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AH Formatter enables drawing Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) 3.0 defined by W3C using XSL Formatter MathML Option and utilizing its originally developed engine. For that reason it’s possible to draw high resolution images in PDF.

☞ AH Formatter Lite Customers must purchase “AH Formatter MathML Option” to draw MathML originally.

The following MathML Conformance table (pdf) shows the implemented MathML elements.

  • [yes] in the list means that the formatting object or property is implemented.
  • [partial] means that the formatting object or property is partially implemented.
  • [no] means not implemented.


  • The id attribute, the xref attribute, the class attribute and the style attribute specified in the stylesheet are not processed.
  • The arrow, etc. might not be able to be extended in the place which should be extended according to the position to be used.
  • The mathematical check is not done. Also if there is a difference in the number of arguments, an error doesn’t occur by allocating as much as possible.

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