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​Math​ML Option (​Formatter Lite Only)

AH Formatter MathML Option is for the Lite version only. The MathML drawing feature is now a standard part of the standard version of AH Formatter.

AH Formatter MathML Option allows users to draw Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) 2.0 defined by W3C by utilizing Antenna House’s uniquely developed engine. It’s possible to draw high resolution images in PDF.

MathPlayer plug-in is no longer required to draw MathML.

Example of formatted result as displayed by Antenna House GUI. Since the GUI is a Windows GDI, a print output of the same result is also possible. The formatted result can be outputted to PDF, displayed with by Adobe Reader and outputted to paper (PDF file).

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Type of licensePrice
AH Formatter MathML Option for Standalone$100
AH Formatter MathML Option for Server$500


  • After getting AH Formatter Lite, a user can purchase MathML Option as an option.
  • AH Formatter MathML Option is designed to work with AH Formatter Lite. MathML Option cannot be used alone.
  • AH Formatter MathML Option can only be installed and used on a computer of the registered licensee.

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