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Antenna House currently offers the following product licenses. Please refer to the new licensing structure.

As of August 1, 2002, Antenna House implemented a new licensing structure for XSL Formatter.  The Developer License is a newly added license type. Antenna House strictly prohibits the use of the evaluation version for development activity. Software developers and system integrators must purchase a Developer License in order to use it as a development tool.

The following chart shows the new licensing structure. (Diagram)

   +-- End User License --+-- Standalone License    |                      +-- Server License    +-- Developer License    +-- OEM License    +-- Evaluation License

Standalone License Structure
A Standalone license is required for running XSL Formatter on an individual or standalone computer. One standalone license is required for each standalone computer on which you wish to install and run XSL Formatter.

XSL Formatter may only be used on the computer where it is installed. This license does not allow XSL Formatter to be used for other computers directly or indirectly, even if they have access to the computer where XSL Formatter is installed.

Standalone license has the following limitations.

  • Available with Windows 32 bit, Linux and MacOS versions only. (The other OS are not supported.)
  • In Windows version, GUI Interface is only available.
  • In Linux and MacOS version, the command line Interface is only available.
  • In any OS, C++, .NET and Java Interface are not available.

Server License Structure
A Server License is required for running XSL Formatter on a server computer. An unlimited number of individuals can use XSL Formatter through an API running on the server.

One Server License may be installed to only one server computer. However, there is no limit to the number of client computers that can use XSL Formatter running on that server.

One Server License is required for one CPU. That is, 2 licenses are necessary for a dual CPU server machine.


A Server license does not allow you to put executable programs such as .EXE .DLL included in XSL Formatter on a file server and does not allow clients to read and run the programs on client computers.

The XSL Formatter Developer License is for developers who integrate the function of Antenna House XSL Formatter into an external application.

  • XSL Formatter Developer License includes a license for XSL Formatter standalone. Therefore there is no need to purchase a standalone license separately.
  • The Developer License is available only for developing and testing systems. It’s not intended for production purposes.
  • The Developer License agreement allows the customer to use XSL Formatter with only one computer for development purposes. It is prohibited to re-distribute XSL Formatter Developer License for a fee or free of charge.
  • This product does not include run-time license. Therefore, it’s prohibited to re-distribute the developed system together with XSL Formatter library to the customer. End-users who want to use the developed system will need to purchase the license of product version.

XSL Formatter license does not allow clients to integrate a program provided with XSL Formatter into customer’s product and distribute it for a fee or free of charge. If you want to use this type of license, OEM license agreement is required.

Please contact us at infoatantennahousedotcom  (infoatantennahousedotcom)   to make an OEM agreement with Antenna House.

An Evaluation License permits the evaluation of XSL Formatter free of charge. The purpose of the evaluation license is for customers to test and fully understand XSL-FO technology as it pertains to their application. Our corporate objective is to contribute to the international society and insure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of our products and services.

The Evaluation License may be used in the following capacities:

  • To test how XSL Formatter works
  • To check the function or performance of XSL Formatter
  • To study the specification of XSL-FO
  • To review how XSL-FO is implemented in XSL Formatter
  • The Evaluation version may be used for writing books or papers about the subject of XSL-FO, provided that the credit stating, “XSL Formatter Evaluation version is used” is displayed

It is prohibited to use the Evaluation License for the following:

  • For the purpose of actual business activity without written permission from Antenna House
  • For the purpose of software development such as development of a prototype
  • To copy and distribute XSL Formatter program
  • To format XML documents for any customers
  • To provide the development service of XSLT Stylesheet for customers

For specific details refer to our End User License Agreement, Developer License Agreement or Evaluation Version License Agreement.

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