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​INX Output

XSL Formatter INX Option works with XSL Formatter and outputs INX (InDesign® Interchange) files. The format renders everything in the InDesign file, including styles, page items, formatting, colors, page margins, and ruler guides.

​INX is an older format, and is primarily used for saving documents back to the previous version of InDesign, or other products such as InCopy®, Golive®. INX format keeps all of the InDesign® objects and properties as XML elements or attributes. AH Formatter generates INX files from the Area Tree, which is the file format before it is finally converted to INX.

By outputting INX files, you can edit the formatting result of AH Formatter using InDesign®.

Example of InDesign® GUI after reading INX file that AH Formatter outputted. You can edit contents or output PDF using InDesign® functions.

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In InDesign®, the object that holds text is called “text frame”. There are 3 methods in creating text frames with the INX Output Option. Users can specify it at output time.

  1. Text Area Output Mode
  2. This mode generates text frames from the text area. The text area corresponds to the fo:inline in XSL-FO. This mode converts the closest to the formatting result of AH Formatter. Sometimes the differently decorated inline areas are divided into plural text frames in INX output. Therefore, it is difficult to edit after the INX conversion using InDesign® in this mode.

  3. Line Area Output Mode
  4. This mode generates text frames from the line area. The line area corresponds to the each line generated from fo:block in XSL-FO. This mode enables line editing more easily than Text Area Output mode, but conversions are not as precise compared to Text Area Output mode.

  5. Block Output Mode
  6. This mode generates text frames from the block area. The block area corresponds to the fo:block in XSL-FO. In this mode, editing is easier than the two previous modes, but conversions are not as precise.

Comparisons of the three conversion modes from limited to good in terms of layout reproduction and editing capabilities:

  • Layout Reproduction
  • Limited– Block Output < Line Area Output < Text Area Output –Good

  • Editing Capabilities
  • Limited– Text Area Output < Line Area Output < Block Output –Good

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