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​Web Inter​face for Formatter

​Click, Format, Print from Anywhere

​Connect to Antenna House Formatter from Anywhere

​Save development time and effort

​Remotely access ​Antenna House Formatter with programming interfaces (command line, .Net, Java & more) ​when it is running on an Internet server. Web Interface V6.0 for Formatter now supports Linux. The benefits of Web Interface for Formatter include:

  • Simplified client access to Antenna House Formatter Server License via the internet.
  • Greatly reduced development time.
  • Simplified support.
  • Easily lets one Antenna House Formatter Server license be used for multiple applications.

Web Interface V6.0 for Formatter lets a client computer send an XML file and a stylesheet to an AH Formatter Server License and receive back a PDF document. It eliminates the need to undertake an expensive and complicated development effort.

F​older Monitoring Service

Automatically detect and output documents 

Once the folder monitoring service starts any files in the monitoring folder are processed. The service then detects the creation of new files and processes those. For each processed file the folder monitoring service will create the necessary commands to connect to the web server of Web Interface V6.0 and store the results returned from the web server into the output folder.

In order to use Folder Monitoring Service, the target files being converted should be ZIP archived and put in the target folder as one file. Folder Monitoring Service finds and processes a file automatically, and then puts the conversion result in the output folder.

The following files can be included in the archive for conversion.

  • Target documents (xml, xsl, fo, html, css, wml, etc.)
  • Command File
  • External reference file (images, etc.)

​V6 Enhancements

​System Requirements


​ Save Time & Money, Try it Now. 

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