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​CGM Output

AH Formatter CGM Option works with AH Formatter and processes CGM images. The CGM option is implemented based on the ISO/IEC 8632 CGM, W3C WebCGM 2.0 specification. For more comprehensive data check out CGM Conformance.

Until XSL Formatter V4.2, rendering CGM was done by using plug-ins such as IsoView/IsoView WebCGM, Larson VizEx CGM Viewer. CGM would be rastered and embedded into PDF as a raster image. AH Formatter CGM Option allows original CGM images to be processed and can embed CGM as vector images in PDF without degradation.

If you use CGM Option, no plug-in for CGM is needed and CGM can be used on all platform versions of AH Formatter.

Example of CGM formatting result displayed in the AH Formatter GUI. You can print it directly from the GUI or formatting results can be converted to PDF.

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Antenna House Formatter enables the drawing of ISO/IEC 8632, W3C WebCGM using Formatter’s CGM Option developed entirely by Antenna House. By using the CGM Option it is possible to draw high resolution vector CGM images in the outputted PDF.

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