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​About The Award Winning Antenna House Formatter

  • High Quality Document Formatting In Over 70 Languages ​Including Hyphenation Support For More Than 40 Languages.
  • Used  By Thousands of Customers in 43 Countries. Produces Millions of Pages Daily.
  • ​Includes support for SVG, MathML & Barcode​. Options for Postscript Output, CGM Images, Pantone Colors & More.
  • ​Engine of choice for DITA, S1000D, JATS PDF Output ​& Used In Many Industries Including Auto, Aerospace, Defense, Government & Publishing.

​Supplementary Software Products

I18N Index Library

i18n Index Library previously known as the Chinese Sorting Module is a Java library and stylesheet that addresses the complex problem of making index pages for ideographic languages. Other features:

  • Supports 50 Languages
  • Implements many DocBook indexterm features using XSL1.1 index functions.
  • Supports major Java based XSLT processors
  • Supports DITA indexterm features with PDF5-ML Plugin

Web Interface for Formatter

Web Interface for Formatter lets a client computer send an XML file and a stylesheet to an Antenna House Formatter Server and receive back a PDF document; simply and without the need to undertake an expensive and complicated development effort.

​We've got you covered.

New purchases of our software include 90-day warranty, which includes technical support, maintenance releases and version upgrades. Check our free resources.

​Our Software Is In Use By Thousands​ of Customers World Wide